Graco Reactor E-10 Standard

Electric polyurethane foam proportioner

The convenient and electric powered Graco Reactor E-10 Standard is the perfect tool for minor polyurea projects or polyurethane foam applications. The Graco E10 is a small and ready-to-use-system, ideal for getting small jobs done fast but with full performance.

The machine is designed to be operated by one person, which saves both time and money. The configurations of the Graco E10 are ideal for plural-component spray/injekt, touch-ups and joint-fill jobs.

Graco E10 is also:

  • designed with on-site portability, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas
  • equipped with smart controls for easy setup and operation
  • the machines electric power is very low drawn, and can be plugged into standard outlets.
  • The Graco E10 polyurea proportioner eliminates pressure fluctuations, which gives you a consistent application pattern and a smooth result for your spray/injekt insulation.

The machine has a fixed tank and is equipped with 2.0 kW heat block, 10 m hose with recirculation and thermostat. The basic equipment also includes the Fusion AP nozzle Assembly, tools and instruction manual in English.

We always offer you a custom-made introduction (included in your purchase) when you invest in a polyurethane foaming machine, a spray foam gun, or other accessory from us at Eduparts.

You can also find a great amount of spare parts to all our polyurethane- and polyurea-machines, in our range for any future needs.

Need more information about the Graco Reactor E10, or about our range of Graco products? Don’t hesitate to hit the button below and get in touch with us at Eduparts!

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