Graco InSite

Controls the entire operation with Graco InSite

With Graco Insite you know in real time where your Reactor-maskier is, if they are still or is running, how much they produce, if they are in need of service and much else. From your smart phone, tablet or PC, you always have full control over the business and can also save all the information about your foaming
if you want to relink this to your customer. In practice, the Graco InSite creates new opportunities to streamline operations and improved profitability.

With Graco InSite, you get real-time information about:

  • Status: off, idling or spraying
  • Start and stop time
  • Spray pressure and temperature
  • Spray set points
  • GPS location of spray rig

Graco, machines for efficient polyurethane foam insulation

If you ask us, Graco produces some of the world’s best machines for polyurea and polyurethane foaming. The machines are both robust, effective, and affordable.

For several years we at Eduparts have been one of Europe’s largest distributors of Graco polyurethane machines and Graco spray foam guns. This allows us to offer both machines and spare parts for immediate delivery. As a matter of fact, we can offer you any product from the Graco Reactor product family!

Just get in touch with us and tell us what you need!

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