Eduparts privacy policy

Our goal is to make our customers feel perfectly safe regarding their privacy being respected, and regarding their personal data being processed correctly.

We take full responsibility for all the personal data being processed by Eduparts Aps (hence referred to as Eduparts) is only to be used for the intended purposes, and that the data is being protected against unauthorized access, at all times.

All processing of personal data is being carried out in accordance with applicable personal data legislation.

Eduparts want to achieve this by:

  • Safeguard high security for personal data, and take appropriate technical and organisational actions to protect personal data from unauthorized access, change, deployment or destruction.
  • To always process personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. Should there be an occasion when Eduparts has to process personal data for any other purpose that in accordance with applicable personal data legislation requires consent, we will obtain consent in advance.
  • When Eduparts hires external partners within the EU/EES, to perform services e.g. IT-services, marketing, accountings, payment of invoices or payrolls etc, this could imply that the external partners get access to certain personal data. Any company that handles personal data on behalf of Eduparts, are to ensure the same high level of protection as Eduparts.

For what purposes are the personal data being processed?

  • To provide the products and services that the customer has ordered, and to administer agreements.
  • To communicate over the phone, email forms, or over social media.
  • To administer marketing activities.
  • For marketing purposes by mail, email or sms/mms. Our customers can always opt out of emails or sms/mms if they wish.
  • To analyze and group visitors by selection, priority and preferences – which means a so called profiling – in order to provide relevant and customized information, recommendations, ads and offers.
  • To process invoices, prevent or detect fraud.

Hans-Åke Olsson
VD Eduparts

Eduparts cookie policy

This site use cookies. This means a small text file, a “cookie”, is being stored in your browser. Next time you visit our site, the cookie will recognize you. No personal data (name, email, IP addresses or similar) are stored and we don’t follow you as an individual but rather stay anonymous.

Two different cookies are being used:

  • a permanent cookie that are being stored on your computer for a determined amount of time
  • a session cookie that are being stored temporary in the computer’s memory while visiting a website. The session cookie disappears when you shut down your browser.

We use the analysis to see how you use our site, what you’re clicking on, which pages you visit. This makes us understand you as a visitor better and how we can make the most out of your visit. The information that we collect could be used for sending out ads through Google’s ad network. We also use third party cookies from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus that could be added to your ID. The analysis is available for our company and our cooperation partners.

This site use Google Analytics as an analysis tool, and what we collect is:

  • the time for your first visit
  • when you visited the site last
  • the time your current visit was started
  • how many times you’ve visited the site
  • the ID for your browser (set by cookie)
  • how you found our site (traffic sources)

Block cookies

If you don’t want to receive ads based on which sites you visit, you can block the collecting of cookies within the browsers you use (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc). You can do this at any time and you can also set your browser to stop allowing cookies. If you don’t want Google Analytics to place cookies or track your website behaviour, you can download a global opt-out plugin or Google Analytics that apply to all websites who use it.


Do you have any questions about how our site deal with cookies? Contact us!