Graco Reactor 2 H-30

Best seller for polyurethane foaming insulation

Graco 2 H-30 represents the next-generation technology for polyurethane spray/injekt foaming insulation. We believe that 2 H-30 will become the new bestseller for highly efficient foam application and roofing projects. With Graco 2 H-30, you can apply up to 10.5 kg (23.14 pound) polyurethane foam per minute. The machine is equipped with Graco InSite, which provides real time monitoring of your workflow.

What the Graco 2H 30 hydraulic system can do for you:

  • Dependability – durable, robust, longest life polyurethane foaming system
  • Reduce downtime – allows for longer time in between periods of required maintenance
  • Increase your daily productivity – the Graco 2 H-30 is capable of extremely high duty cycles.

Keep in mind that you are always welcome to take part in a custom-made introduction when you invest in a polyurethane spray/injekt foam gun or other equipment and accessory, from us at Eduparts. (The introduction is of course included in your purchase.) We also keep a great amount of spare parts to all our polyurethane / polyurea machines, for any future needs.

Would you like more information about the Graco Reactor 2 H-30 polyurethane foaming insulation machine, or about our range of other Graco products?

Don’t hesitate to hit the button below and contact us at Eduparts!

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