Spare parts for Graco GX7 Gun

Spare parts for your spray gun

Locate your parts reference numbers in this PDF and look after the right part in the table below. If you do not find your part, give us a call and we will help you.

Ref.noParts IDDescription
1295810Spray gun handle
215B772Air hose
3295596Coupler plug
5296834R-gun block screen screw assembly (includes 6–9)
6R-gun block screen screw
7296693Screen screw seal (pack of 2)
296723Screen screw seal (pack of 10)
8296792Screen, 80 mesh (pack 10)
296724Screen, 80 mesh (pack 50)
9296722Check valve assembly (pack of 10)
10295384Gun block
11Module; see GX-71 Mix Module Kit
12296976PCD Body
13Tip; see Tip Kits
Ref.noParts IDDescription
14296978Front packing (pack of 5)
17296831Air cap
18296128Coupling block gasket (pkg 2)
19295433Coupling block mounting screw
296979Coupling block mounting screw kit (pack of 2)
20296833A-gun block screen screw assembly (includes 6–9, 21)
21A-gun block screen screw
22296828Rear packing retainer
23296829Rear seal packing (pack of 5)
24296830Rear seal retainer
2516K136Valving rod

Spare parts for Graco and Gusmer polyurethane machines

Are you looking for spare parts for your polyurethane equipment? No problem, we have got you covered!

At Eduparts we supply a number of high quality spare parts for both Graco polyurethane machines, as well as for Gusmer machines and accessories. We keep everything from handles to plug pipes in stock.

If you know the model of your polyurethane or polyurea machine or accessory, and where the current spare part is located, you can easily find it in the listing below. We also provide spare parts for Meyer polyurethane machines.
If you need assistance please give us a call – we know your equipment inside and out!

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