Spare parts for Graco Fusion CS

Spare parts for your spray gun

Locate your parts reference numbers in this PDF and look after the right part in the table below. If you do not find your part, give us a call and we will help you.

Ref.noParts IDDescription
1256466Manifold, hose, assy.
1d15B221Bolt; 5/16-24
1e100139Plug, pipe
1f117634Swivel, union; #6 JIC
1g117635Swivel, union
1h256460Valve, ball, resin
1j256459Valve, ball, iso
1k15U395Adapter, male x female; 1/8 npt
1m++16G500Handle, valve, shut-off, iso
1n++16G501Handle, valve, shut-of, res
1p++118123Screw, set, socket with patch
1r24W375Kit, repair, handle, valve
2256457Housing, fluid, assy; includes 2b–2f and 42–45
2b248648O-ring (pack of 6)
2c256773O-ring (pack of 6)
2d248132O-ring (pack of 6)
3256456Adjuster, variable-flow
3a256774O-ring (pack of 6)
3b257426O-ring (pack of 6)
3c257425O-ring (pack of 6)
4256454Piston, assy
4a256772O-ring (pack of 6)
4c256775O-ring (pack of 6)
4e257424Piston, dosing, assy; includes 4d and 4f
4f257426O-ring (pack of 6)
4g121642Ring, retaining, internal spiral
6192272Pin, pivot
7203953Screw; 10–24 x 3/8 in. (10 mm)
815C480Washer, wave
9121540Plug, breather
11256458Handle, kit; includes ref. 12
1315T897Plug, air valve
14Chamber, mix
16117485Spring, compression
17256455Valve, spool; includes 15
19256414Retainer, cover (pack of 5)
20x256415Cover, front, round, tip (pack of 5)
20256416Cover, front, flat, tip (pack of 5)
21Tip, spray
23256385Kit, clearshot cartridge (pack of 25)
25Tool, cleanout
26Tool, cleanout
27Tool, cleanout, #69
28117661Pin, vise
31118665Grease, fusion; 4oz.
32117510Coupler, line, air; 1/4 npt
Ref.noParts IDDescription
3315B565Valve, ball
3415B772Hose, air; 18 in.
35112307Elbow, street
36117642Nut driver
37118575Screw driver, 1/8 blade
38172479Tag, instruction
39222385Tag, warning
40256642Manifold, flush; includes 1d, 49 and 50
41256642Kit, inlet cap; includes 1d
42~257429Kit, side seal, Fusion CS, iso
42aHousing, seal, side
42b256923Spring, compression (pack of 10)
42c256464Seal, side; includes 42d
42d256468O-ring (pack of 6)
42e256468O-ring (pack of 6)
43~257430Kit, side seal, Fusion CS, res
43aHousing, seal, side
43b256923Spring, compression
43c256464Seal, side; includes 43d
43d256467O-ring (pack of 6)
43e256468O-ring (pack of 6)
44257422Kit, valve, check, a side; includess 44a–44f
44a257427Housing, check valve, a side (pack of 10)
44b257420Ball; carbide (pack of 10)
44c257419Spring, compression (pack of 10)
44d257421Retainer, ball (pack of 10)
44e246354O-ring (pack of 6)
44f256771O-ring (pack of 6)
45257423Kit, valve, check, b-side, includes 45a–45f
45a257428Housing, check valve, b side (pack of 10)
45b257420Ball; carbide (pack of 10)
45c257419Spring, compression (pack of 10)
45d257421Retainer, ball (pack of 10)
45e246354O-ring (pack of 6)
45f256771O-ring (pack of 6)
46256567Retainer, tip
47246360O-ring PTFE (pack of 3)
49100721Plug, pipe
50117509Fitting, air line; 1/4 npt
5125A677Valve, check, a side
51aHousing, a side
51b256469O-ring (pack of 6)
51cScreen, filter (see page 52)
51e25A679Ball, check (part of 10)
51f25A680Retainer, ball check
5225A678Valve, check, b side
52aHousing, b side
52b256469O-ring (pack of 6)
52cScreen, filter (see page 52)
52e25A679Ball, check (pack of 10)
52f25A680Retainer, ball check

Spare parts for Graco and Gusmer polyurethane machines

Are you looking for spare parts for your polyurethane equipment? No problem, we have got you covered!

At Eduparts we supply a number of high quality spare parts for both Graco polyurethane machines, as well as for Gusmer machines and accessories. We keep everything from handles to plug pipes in stock.

If you know the model of your polyurethane or polyurea machine or accessory, and where the current spare part is located, you can easily find it in the listing below. We also provide spare parts for Meyer polyurethane machines.
If you need assistance please give us a call – we know your equipment inside and out!

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