Spare parts for Graco Fusion Air Purge

Spare parts for your spray gun

Locate your parts reference numbers in this PDF and look after the right part in the table below. If you do not find your part, give us a call and we will help you.

Ref.noParts IDDescription
215B208Plug Air Valve
3248137O-Ring PTFE Pkg of 6
4x15B206Lock safety
5x15B204CAP Cylinder
7++15B215Ring lock
8++15B223Valve cleanoff air
9++15B211Ring retraning
10++15B210 / 15B801Air Cap for round / flat pattern guns (not incl. In Front End Replacemant)
10¤15D973Air Cap for spatter pattern guns (not incl. In Front End Replacemant)
11++246491Housing fluid
12246012 / 249523Manifold fluid 2hose incl. 12a-12g / 4hose incl. 12a, b, d-g, 50
12b246356Valve fluid (2pcs.)
12c100139Plug pipe 1/8-27 npt (2pcs.)
12d15B221Bolt 5/16-24
12e117634Swivel, B side 1/8 npt(m) x no 6 (JIC(f) for 4hose manifold)
12f117635Swivel A-side 1/8 npt(m) x no 5 (JIC(f) for 2hose manifold. For 4hose, order 2pcs.)
12g15B993Spring , ring, lock
14x248136O-ring cylinder cap pkg of 6
16x248135O-ring piston pkg of 6
17x248134O-ring piston shaft
18++246349 / 246350Cartridge seal A.side / B.side inc. 18a-18e
18d x248130O-ring Cartridge body pkg of 6
18e x248128O-ring side seal pkg of 6
19AR2020, AR2929, AR3737, AR4242, AR5252, AR6060, AR7070, AR8686Chamber mix round
19AR2020, AR2929, AR4242, AR5252Chamber mix flat
2015C480Washer wawe
21++248132O-ring pkg of 6
23++248131O-ring pkg of 6
23++248131O-ring pkg of 6
24++¤246354O-ring pkg of 6
25++100846Fitting grease
Ref.noParts IDDescription
26++246731Valve check Aside inc. 26a-26g
26c++104396Ball carbide
26d++246357 / 246358 / 246359Screen 40/60/80 mesh 375/238/175 micron
26f++248133O-ring check valve face pkg of 6
26g++248129O-ring check valve housing pkg of 6
27++116550Ring retaining
28++15B205STOP piston
29++203953SCREW: 10-24 x 3/8 in. (10mm)
3215B202Spool, valve
33100721Plug pipe 1/4-18 npt (Round and flat pattern guns only)
35117509Quick-Disconnect mail air: 1/4 npt(m) (Round and flat pattern guns only)
36222385Card warning: not shown
37++15B689Cover grease fitting
40246360O-ring PFTE, flat tip models pkg of 3
43117661VISE, pin dual reversible chucks se supplied Tools
46117792Grease Gun not shown
47117510Coupler air line
4915B772Hose air; 1/4 npsm 18 in (0,46 m)
50112307ELBOV, Street 1/8 npt (m x f) (Round and flat pattern guns only)
5115B565VALVE , ball; 1/4 npt (m x f) (Round and flat pattern guns only)
5215B817MANIFOLD gun flush (Round and flat pattern guns only)
53117642NUT DRIVER hex; 5/16
54118575SCREWDRIVER; 1/8 blade
55172479TAG warning, not shown
5615D235SIGN, instruction; not shown
57117773GREASE Cartridge 0,09 l (3oz) not shown
5815D972RETRAINER tip
59248415TIP spatter pattern gun only
60248019SEAL pkg of 5 spatter pattern gun only
6115F240ADAPTER, stud wall
6215F854PACKING, tip; stud wall
6315F241CAP, air stud wall
64FTM979TIP, flat; stud wall
248414Spatter Tip Kit, incl. 58, 59, 60
249421Stud Wall Foam Kit, incl. 61, 62, 63, 64
246361Front End Replacement Kit, incl. 3, 7-11, 18, 21, 23-27, 37
248064Safety Stop Assembly, incl. 4, 5, 14, 24 (only 1), 28, 30
24827910 PACK LUBRICANT 4 oz tube
24828010 PACK Cartridge/Grease, Gun 3oz

Spare parts for Graco and Gusmer polyurethane machines

Are you looking for spare parts for your polyurethane equipment? No problem, we have got you covered!

At Eduparts we supply a number of high quality spare parts for both Graco polyurethane machines, as well as for Gusmer machines and accessories. We keep everything from handles to plug pipes in stock.

If you know the model of your polyurethane or polyurea machine or accessory, and where the current spare part is located, you can easily find it in the listing below. We also provide spare parts for Meyer polyurethane machines.
If you need assistance please give us a call – we know your equipment inside and out!

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